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Misuse of the blog

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2007

We have been notified by Mr Myer Green that a comment submitted under the name of M. Green on the blog was not in fact written by Dr Myer Green. We deplore this attempt by someone to imply that they were Mr Myer Green of Scottish Friends of Israel.

Our initial investigations have resulted in the discovery that the messages posted by A Machor and the fraudulent M Green were sent from the same computer. These messages have now been removed.

Once our investigations are completed and if we discover the identity of the person concerned we will inform Mr Green of their identity as well as the appropriate authorities. They will not be allowed to take any further part in the blog.

We have set this blog up for the benefit of communal discussion and debate and we ask everyone to use it responsibly.

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Dr Duffy’s Lecture

Posted by Admin on January 24, 2007

Copies of Dr Duffy’s lecture, “Calderwood Lodge: The Present and the Future”, are now available in pdf or word format. To download a copy of his lecture, click on the links below:

Calderwood Lodge: The Present and the Future (pdf)

Calderwood Lodge: The Present and the Future (word)

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Forthcoming Meetings

Posted by Admin on January 21, 2007

On Sunday 18th February Jim Murphy MP will speak on “What is the British Government’s policy towards Israel and the Peace Process?” Jim is well known throughout the community, but the opportunity to hear him speak, as a Minister of State in the Government, about a subject that interests a huge number of the community, is unprecedented. This meeting will take place at Newton Mearns Synagogue at 8pm.

On Sunday 25th March the community is invited to a really unique meeting: “As Others See Us”. Professor Mona Siddiqui, Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam at the University of Glasgow, will take part in a conversation with Dr Tony Klug. The thoughts of Mona Siddiqui – a regular contributor to Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4 – regarding Israel and how the Islamic Community perceives Israel and the Jewish Community’s relationship with Israel, will be explored and should make this a most informative and interesting meeting. Her interlocuter will be Tony Klug who has been writing about the Middle East for over 30 years. Currently, he is senior policy consultant at the Middle East Policy Initiative Forum. This meeting will take place at Giffnock Synagogue reception area at 8pm.

On Monday 23rd April Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian newspaper and well known columnist of the Jewish Chronicle will speak on: “How can the British Jewish Community best support Israel?”. Jonathan is one of Britain’s foremost journalists. Venue will be announced soon.

Sometime towards the end of April Rabbi Professor Naftali Rothenberg will visit Glasgow. His lecture will focus on how anyone involved in Jewish education – informal and formal – has a responsibility to promote good ethical and moral values towards minority groups, and how Judaism has a responsibility in the world today to promote this. Rabbi Rothenberg is the Orthodox Rabbi of Har Adar, a suburb of Jerusalem, and is senior research fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. He is also chair of the Centre of Tolerance Education in Israel. He has specifically requested meetings with youth and students.

We have plans for future lectures which will be announced as soon as we have confirmation.

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Welcome to the Forum

Posted by Admin on January 21, 2007

The purpose of this blog is to encourage people within the Glasgow Jewish Community to contribute to discussion and debate about topics that are concerned with the community’s future.

We would like to engage the community in worthwhile discussion so that proper dialogue and consultation can be embarked upon. Articles will be posted to initiate discussion and comment, and issues that are vital to the future of the community will be debated. We welcome contributions from everyone.

Our first meeting took place this evening, Sunday 21st January 2007.

Dr Jim Duffy addressed the Glasgow Jewish Community about the present and future of Calderwood Lodge primary school. He is the first non-Jewish Head Teacher of Calderwood and was appointed in February 2006. He has had a superb impact on the school since his appointment.

Did you agree with Dr Duffy’s analysis about the future of Calderwood Lodge?

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