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Misuse of the blog

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2007

We have been notified by Mr Myer Green that a comment submitted under the name of M. Green on the blog was not in fact written by Dr Myer Green. We deplore this attempt by someone to imply that they were Mr Myer Green of Scottish Friends of Israel.

Our initial investigations have resulted in the discovery that the messages posted by A Machor and the fraudulent M Green were sent from the same computer. These messages have now been removed.

Once our investigations are completed and if we discover the identity of the person concerned we will inform Mr Green of their identity as well as the appropriate authorities. They will not be allowed to take any further part in the blog.

We have set this blog up for the benefit of communal discussion and debate and we ask everyone to use it responsibly.

One Response to “Misuse of the blog”

  1. Joy Wolfe said

    How sad soemone would try to discredit both Dr Green and your website with such a damaging and mischievous posting.
    All credit to those maintining the site for their swift and definitive action.
    We have far to many enemies without to try to stir up enmity within.
    Good luck yo the new organisation and to Scottish Friends of Israel

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