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Posted by Admin on February 4, 2007

This week’s edition of the Jewish Telegraph features a profile of Dr Jim Duffy, Acting Head Teacher of Calderwood Lodge. Reflecting on his initial experiences as the first non-Jewish head of Calderwood, he said:

I did expect there to be some resentment. It was quite natural for
there to be concerns about a non-Jew being in charge for the first
time. I’ve been amazed though by the welcome I’ve received. From
day one I’ve had nothing but nice things said and done from parents,
grandparents and pupils. I just hadn’t expected the perspective that
people would be grateful that I took the time to come here

The article adds that:

many people will feel some sadness in June when Dr Duffy returns to
St Cadocs. You only need to look at the Blogs on the Glasgow Jewish
Educational Forum website to see how highly he is thought of

Quite so. 

The meeting with Dr Duffy received widespread coverage in the press, with feature articles in the Jewish Telegraph and the Jewish Chronicle.  Archive copies of both articles are now available in pdf format:

Jewish Telegraph, Friday 26th January, 2007 (pdf)

Jewish Chronicle, Friday 26th January, 2007 (pdf)

In addition, we also have copies of Dr Duffy’s Powerpoint presentation which accompanied his lecture. To download a copy, click on the link below:

Dr Jim Duffy Presentation (Powerpoint)

In other news, the date for the meeting with Rabbi Professor Naftali Rothenberg has now been confirmed. It will take place on Thursday 26th April. (Venue to be confirmed)

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