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As Others See Us

Posted by Admin on March 14, 2007

Our next meeting, which takes place on Sunday 25th March, will examine how we are perceived by the Muslim community.

Professor Mona Siddiqui, Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam, at the University of Glasgow, will take part in a dialogue with Dr Tony Klug. (For more information, please see the advert below).

Mona Siddiqui Flyer

Some useful resources on the issue of relations between Jews and Muslims:

Tony Klug: Challenging Stereotypes (pdf)

Audio archive of Professor Siddiqui’s regular contributions to Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4 (Real Player required)

18 Responses to “As Others See Us”

  1. NLL said

    Following comments on various other sections of this site, I have sent a copy of the above info to various students/young people/parents of aforementioned and youth leaders – lets see if we can involve some of those who have a vested interest in the future of the Community, and get some good questions & discussion going at this meting.

  2. Interested said

    Good idea NLL. I presume you will also speak to the chaplain so that he encourages students to turn up and do you know anyone who can ask the youth worker to also do his bit?

  3. Debbie said

    There is a meeting on Sunday for the kids going to Poland with UJIA – I will e-mail Anthea and ask Ben the youth worker to mention the meeting.

  4. NLL said

    Done – the Universities have almost all broken up for the Spring break, so out of town students will likely have gone home, but conversely some Glasgow students will be here

  5. NLL said

    Have also asked a person who knows how to do these things to put the info onto Facebook

  6. Nemo said

    Just returned from the meeting. I thought I saw Ben Avraham there, but couldn’t have been him because its rumoured he’s passed on. Anyway, before he sharpens his pen and slates the speakers I want to say that both Mona Siddiqui and Tony Klug were excellent.They were honest in their summary of their respective communities and did not attempt to manufacture non existant answers to difficult questions. They differentiated between the religious and secular problems and the inter-relationshp between the two. Stripping away the mutual hate and distrust between our two communities there is an underlying and solvable problem, the claims of two peoples to the same piece of land and its eventual apportionment.
    However, not just with Israel but with our own community I am an eternal optimist and thought that given the subject and relevance to our future those who purport to lead and represent us would be present in force. They were for the most part absent once again. They should be ashamed of themselves and so should we. We should be ashamed for we deserve better and it is about time we got better. The question is not what we do with those in office for they have become irrelevant but how we create a new structure that is relevant and has the support and respect of the community.

  7. A Beitz said

    I agree with you Nemo. The attendance was reasonable (using the Glasgow Lubavitch method of head counting around 300!) but there were many people missing who clearly either aren’t coming because they are not interested in what prominent Moslems have to say or alternatively they don’t like the facilitators of these meetings believing that organisations such as the Rep Council alone should decide what goes on in the community. There will of course have been some people who had other engagements but I suspect others who took a deliberate decision not to attend. IMO they missed one of the best meetings that has ever taken place in this community. I am also aware of one reasonably well known member of the community (although as far as I am aware he doesn’t hold office at the moment) who opined in response to the suggestion he attend to the effect that he had no interest whatever in what Moslems thought of us. His loss.
    Congratulations to Mona Siddiqui and Tony Klug.

  8. Interested said

    What a wonderful meeting last night.
    It was exceptional.
    However, those who claim to be communal leaders – specifically the executive of the Rep Council should be ashamed of themselves.
    This organisation claims to work on our behalf on interfaith matters. Well why were none of them present at the most interesting interfaith meeting held in years?
    Perhaps the odd one of the five officers had a valid excuse. But for none of them to be there is disgraceful.
    These people are not communal leaders.
    They have let themselves down and this community down when they do not have either the intellect or the judgement to go and hear what Mona Siddiqui has to say.
    None of them were sufficiently interested in Calderwood Lodge to turn up at that meeting either.
    So when someone from the Representative Council jumps up at some future date trying to be important, we now no better.
    They are a total waste of time. Our own community knows it – maybe soon the wider community in Glasgow will also be aware that they are irrelevant.
    Everyone knows that they read this blog – one of them even says so in the JC, so will they have any integrity and courage to tell us where they were last night that was so important that none of them could be bothered or interested or broad-minded enough to show up.

  9. Pesachdick said

    Interested, like you I thought this was a well presented meeting which gave a clearer insight to the root cause of the Israel/Palestine Question and also about what the local muslim community think and I for one am glad I went. However, like the rest of us there, I too wondered why those who claim to represent us as communal leaders were conspicuous by their absence. I suggest that at the next Rep Council meeting we ask the question and see whether we get a response. I suspect that it may be a touch of jealousy that GJEF are leading the way in organising interesting meetings and maybe even that they are annoyed at what has been said about them on this blog. Either way they are only proving what some already believe – that they are an irrelevance and an anachronism.

  10. npn said

    Indeed it was a cracking event- genuinely one of the best-yet bizarrely for all that I came away less hopeful than I would have liked ;I thought that Tony Klug was more idealistic than Mona Siddiqui who painted a fairly bleak picture of the uk Muslim Communitiy and their wish /or lack of wish to engage with us .
    Both speakers were on great form and for academics had ,an all too regularly lacking , ability to articulate their views in plain English-well done to them both !
    Tony Klug argued that if we solve the territorial dispute we solve the greater part of the problem ,Mona Siddiqui I believe agrees with that but doesn’t share Tony’s optimism for a breakthrough and she was was quite forthright in her dismissal of the vast majority of interfaith groups.
    Whilst some may disagree with me ,I suspect Mona’s analysis of a largely apathetic uk Muslim community could be easily applied to our own community.

  11. Del Boy said

    What a bunch of Plonkers! Not the Representative Council but you lot for thinking that the Executive’s sole raison d’etre is to turn up to every event run in this City or to hold political meetings every few weeks. I suspect that had they come but said nothing they would have been held up as pathetic for not asking questions but had they asked any then they would be attacked for not asking the right questions.

    Now stop being so silly as to think that GJEF would a better bunch of rats to vote in.

    As for the meeting I found it interesting but strangely unsatisfying, just like the Jim Murphy debacle.

  12. Michael said

    There is something about your post Del Boy that makes me think you are at it. You see it’s the style that makes me suspicious.
    I don’t believe given what you have written that you were at this meeting.
    Without using anything that has been posted by admin about this meeting please give us one information about what was said and tell us even two of the people who asked questions.
    I was there and everyone who was there that I spoke to said how much they had enjoyed it.
    I suspect you are using a fraudulent name and what’s more I think you are a very sad pathetic individual if you are. Get a life.
    I challenge you to prove you were there.

  13. Sirius Fraude said

    Fraudulent names? Who?

  14. Dellboy said

    Yea, Michael! like THATs a real name

  15. Michael said

    Answer the question Del Boy – you were not there were you?
    You are a sad pathetic individual having a go at a meeting when you were not at it.
    You are so stupid that you cannot even spell Del Boy the same way twice.
    Get a life.

  16. Dr Veritas said

    C’mon Del Boy, Michael has asked you a fair question. We may all presume that your failure to answer other than an unnecessary smart Alec retort proves that you wern’t at the meeting. This was an important meeting at which one, not necessarily all, of the Rep Counbcil Exec should have been present. When one challenges the delegates to the Council of the good they do, they claim that their work with intercommunal relations is paramount. One can only wonder.

  17. Michael S said

    What does it matter

  18. Admin said

    In the interests of narrative continuity, comments regarding the meeting with Mona Siddiqui and Tony Klug have been moved to the forum on Jewish-Muslim Dialogue, where the discussion will be continued from this point onwards. Comments on this forum are now closed.

    (Please note that this has been done with the consent of those concerned).

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