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News of Forthcoming Meetings

Posted by Admin on April 14, 2007

Our next lectures will examine the relationship between diaspora communities and Israel, and the ethical tradition of Judaism:

On Monday 23rd April, Jonathan Freedland will speak on “How can the British Jewish Community best support Israel”.

On Thursday 26th April, Rabbi Professor Naftali Rothenberg, Senior Research Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, will speak on “Caring for Minority Groups – The Jewish Ethical Obligation”.

For more information, please see the advert below.


11 Responses to “News of Forthcoming Meetings”

  1. Impressed said

    Great news about Freedland coming to glasgow. Superb journalist and brilliant speaker. Well worth listening to. Well done GJEF.

  2. Methinks said

    Did you guys deliberately or accidentaly set up this speaking date, despite the Yom Hatzmaut celebrations on the same evening?
    It’s not (IMHO), a good idea to split the community up when there are so few of us.

  3. Frank said

    Methinks… why do you assume that the Yom Hatzmaut celebrations were booked before the speaker was. Maybe the Yom Hatzmaut organizers could have planned their event more successfully…. Agree that we need to all be working as a single community. This fragmentation helps no one

  4. methinks said

    Hi Frank,

    I take your point. Perhaps organisers of events should consult, or ‘claim’ a date in future…maybe using a community calendar or something like that. That way, there would have been no double booking on (erev)Yom Hatzmaut.
    I’m sure there were people who would have wanted to attend both events.

    The fragmentation issue, is really quite depressing to read.
    Some people in the community are left of centre, while others are more to the right. Who’s right and who’s wrong? The answer seems simple – nobody is completely right and nobody is completely wrong.People should not condemn others for personal beliefs. Debating an issue like Israel is for most people, not merely a topical discussion, but a matter of the heart.

    Shouldn’t the main focus of GJEF be to try to encourage people to find some middle ground?

    Do you have a charter – one that most people would be happy with?
    eg Supporting two state solution. Supporting the people of Israel rather than any one government or political party etc.

    I feel that this would encourage debate and support, rather than argument and cynicsm.

    The community is really way too small to risk splitting us into two or three opposing factions.

  5. Colin said

    Sorry “methinks” I think you miss the point.
    Not all views are acceptable. Some views in a decent society are unacceptable and just as happens in the rest of the world we also have members of our community who spout views which are beyond reasonable standards of decent behaviour.
    Anyway, when someone suggested a community charter previously to deal with issues like racism it did not get too much backing.
    I don’t believe it should be the role of GJEF to find some middle ground. Their publicity material claims that they wish to promote debate and discussion and encourage and facilitate this.
    All too often the middle ground stands for nothing so I think you are wrong.
    I would rather they bring interesting speakers who have something to tell us – not those who would rather have bland boring conformity. We have had this for years.

  6. methinks said

    Well, it’s not exactly a friendly welcome I have received. I have made a couple of comments and both Frank and Colin have posted quite aggressive replies. Maybe I just prefer more respectful discourse – and not the aggression that is so widespread on this website.
    I posted with sincere and genuine intentions, but obviously ‘outsiders’ are not welcome here. And quite honestly, if this bullying behaviour is typical of your group, then I fear for the harmony of the community. I am sure you wouldn’t speak to me in person, the way you just wrote to me.

    I guess I’ll not be back.

  7. Mr Cohen said

    You’re at it “Me thinks”. I don’t believe you are new to this blog, so with a bit of luck you won’t be back.

  8. Fisherman said

    Mr Cohen
    ME thinks we have a case of mistaken identity! ‘Methinks’ should be as welcome here as anyone else, why should we have to put up with your arrogant assumption that YOU are the arbiter of who should post here.

    As many have said here before, discuss the issue, except I suspect you have nothing to say and nothing to add, quite unlike ‘Methinks’

  9. Youthinks said

    Methinks, where exactly were you bullied by Colin. I think his response is perfectly reasonable and is not in any way nasty towards you. However your good frien and alter ego Fisherman always likes to have a go as did his pal Gerry too!

  10. Unperturbed said

    Surely the purpose of GJEF is to put on speakers and debates that encourage the community to decide who they support and challenge all to think about the issues raised.

    If GJEF were to take a political stance then they would be accused of promoting one group over another as has already happened!

    GJEF MUST remain independent and cover all sides of the arguments and let the public decide which side of the fence they want to stand on (or sit on the fence – if they so wish)

  11. methinks said

    Ok- so I came back to see if there was any one prepared to be welcoming. I don’t know who anyone is as you are all using nicknames. Thank you fisherman, I appreciate your welcome.

    In reply to Mr Cohen…I AM new to this blog.
    If the name ‘methinks’ is a problem, then I could change it to something else? Maybe there is an argument to be made for using real names?

    Anyway, my point still stands – I would much prefer to see community cohesion. There is healthy debate, and there is unhealthy debate. It is terribly sad to see the way people talk to each other on this site.

    I have seen a couple of people absolutely and publicly crucified (excuse the pun) on another thread. I am sorry, but I don’t see THAT, as acceptable in a decent society.

    How does that help the community? I don’t get it.

    What certainly is good for the community, is bringing speakers to Glasgow. Is there any way you could video them and put them on the site? I’m sure people would put their hands in their pockets to subsidise this. Or maybe make it PPV?

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