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Jonathan Freedland Podcast

Posted by Admin on April 29, 2007

We are proud to present the first ever GJEF Podcast™. Our inaugural broadcast features a recording of the Jonathan Freedland lecture, in which he considers the issue of “How can the British Jewish Community best support Israel?”

To listen to the lecture, which is divided into five sections, click on the play button to activate the audio player, and then click on it again to stream the audio.

David Goldberg Introduction:

Jonathan Freedland, Part I:

Jonathan Freedland, Part II:

Jonathan Freedland, Part III:

Jonathan Freedland, Part IV:

Jonathan Freedland, Part V:

(All recordings are © GJEF Sound Recorders)

4 Responses to “Jonathan Freedland Podcast”

  1. Community Member said

    I have just re listened to Jonathan Freedland’s lecture last Monday and would make the following comments.

    1. Congratulations to admin for the excellent reproduction. I cannot recall any communal meeting being recorded in this way and for those that were unable to attend this is an opportunity to listen to a first class presentation.

    2. Freedland spoke brilliantly. Almost anyone who was present thought they had privileged to hear someone of his calibre. He was thought- provoking and incisive and all this was done by emphasising that he sincerely supported Israel and really wished Israel to thrive and be successful.

    3.His message as I understood it was that good friends of Israel have not only a right but a duty to tell the Israeli people that the current course the country is heading in is going to end in disaster and after 40 years the continued military occupation of the Palestinians is not acceptable.

    4. I urge everyone to listen to this recording and to those that were not there I especially urge them to do so because they missed an exceptional meeting.

  2. A Beitz said

    Don’t forget whilst listening to go to the education blog and vote for your most influential Scottish Jews. You can do both at once.

  3. Emet said

    This is truly groundbreaking stuff-a podcast ! A genuine thanks to the experts who managed to do all this ; the talk itself is great and as I missed it I am amazed to find that I can still hear it ;Well done.

  4. A Beitz said

    Not only that I have found I can listen to it and give someone a kicking at the same time whilst posting on the education blog.

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