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Antony Lerman on BBC Radio Scotland

Posted by Admin on November 20, 2012

The current edition of BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Morning with . . . programme features an interview with Antony Lerman, in which he discusses his new book The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist: A Personal and Political Journey with Ricky Ross.

To listen to the discussion, which is available on demand until the 25th November, please click here » (The audio stream is cued to start at the beginning of the interview)

One of the strengths, and fascinations, of Lerman’s book is that it allows us to see the contours of his scholarly and intellectual journey: he is not merely settling accounts for the hurts he has endured, but offering us the opportunity to consider with him the complex dynamics within some of the key issues of Jewish life today, many of which revolve around Israel-Diaspora relationships and perceptions. He introduces us to a cast of academics and scholars — from Israel, the US and Europe — whom he has read, listened to and lectured with, over more than thirty years and who have helped him think deeply about the multiple ways in which “Judaism, Jewishness, Jewish identity and Jewish ethnicity are much more than Zionism.” (Rabbi Howard Cooper, Jewish Quarterly)

The Making and Unmaking of Zionist: A Personal and Political Journey is published by Pluto Press

One Response to “Antony Lerman on BBC Radio Scotland”

  1. Michael said

    Excellent interview and first class book

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