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Dai L’Kibush – End the Occupation

Posted by Admin on May 7, 2017

A Call to the Jews of the World (Original)Save Israel Stop the Occupation

Prophetic Israeli Voices:

A state ruling a hostile population of 1.5 to 2 million foreigners would necessarily become a secret-police state, with all that this implies for education, free speech, and democratic institutions. The corruption characteristic of every colonial regime would also prevail in the state of Israel. The administration would have to suppress Arab insurgency on the one hand and acquire Arab Quislings on the other. There is also good reason to fear that the Israel Defense Force, which has been until now a people’s army, would, as a result of being transformed into an army of occupation, degenerate, and its commanders, who will have become military governors, resemble their colleagues in other nations. Out of concern for the Jewish people and its state we have no choice but to withdraw from the territories and their population of one and a half million Arabs.

As for the “religious” arguments for the annexation of the territories – these are only an expression, subconsciously or perhaps even overtly hypocritical, of the transformation of the Jewish religion into a camouflage for Israeli nationalism. Counterfeit religion identifies national interests with the service of God and imputes to the state – which is only an instrument serving human needs – supreme value from a religious standpoint.

Not every “return to Zion” is a religiously significant achievement: one sort of return which may be described in the words of the prophet: “When you returned you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination” (Jeremiah 2:7).

Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, The Territories (1968), in Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State, edited by Eliezer Goldman, (Harvard University Press, 1995), pp. 225-227.

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